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    1) Be seen by top UK employers. Many are now choosing to browse CV's rather than post jobs onto the internet. Understandably, they can be swamped with applications and many are from overseas. This causes a huge amount of extra work in sorting out the eligible candidates. So, employers are often going to sites like CVLibrary where they can choose the people they would like to interview.

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    3) Sign up for email alerts. Your email address is safe and won't be forwarded to spammers, but held with CVLibrary who are licensed to hold personal information. You can outline the type of jobs you are looking for and they will send you relevant vacancies as soon as they come in. This gives you a huge advantage by being one of the first to see the jobs.

    Other CV companies which may be of help and worth visiting are Prospects CV Advice who show you how to write a CV and examples of CV's can be found at Kent University CV help. Other sites worth visiting are BBC CV advice and Bradford Uni CV advice.

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